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At RJ Consultancy, we listen when you talk and our goal is to be available wherever you require us. That is why our office is located where you live and work. It is all about accessibility. We could put our financial resources in a shiny office but you deserve more than an +800 number and a call center when it comes to your financial success.

Robert Janke ContactWhen you contact us the first time, please try to forget everything you know about brokerage firms. Because we are not a brokerage.

We are a boutique consultancy and put our money where our mouth is. We start by listening to you. Also, we work differently from what you are used to. Our transactional record speaks for itself.

We do not make mailshots. We do not place ads. When we appear, we do so in the role of experts. These are not the only characteristics, which set us apart from others in our field. As consultants we do not forget the human aspect. Just as our company slogan states: “Real Estate with Personality“.

Our initial client contacts are often the beginning of a long-lasting and close relationship. We are proud to say that over a period of time some of these relationships develop into genuine friendships.


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Zurich +41.43.508 6050
Dublin +353.1.442 9242
Berlin +49.30.5679 4992



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